1.  Predicting large area surface reconstructions using molecular dynamics methods

By: Grochola, Gregory; Snook, Ian K.; Russo, Salvy P.

JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS  Volume: 140   Issue: 5     Article Number: 054701   Published: FEB 7 2014

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2.  Anion secondary batteries utilizing a reversible BF4 insertion/extraction two-dimensional Si material

By: Nakano, Hideyuki; Sugiyama, Yusuke; Morishita, Tetsuya; et al.

JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A  Volume: 2   Issue: 20   Pages: 7588-7592   Published: 2014

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3.  Interactions between stacked layers of phenyl-modified silicene

By: Spencer, Michelle J. S.; Bassett, Michael R.; Morishita, Tetsuya; et al.

NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS  Volume: 15     Article Number: 125018   Published: DEC 13 2013

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