This web site has primarily been established to provide information about this prize, which has been set up to honour Ian.

The Ian Snook Physics Prize of at least $2,500 will be awarded annually, beginning in 2014, to an outstanding PhD student in Applied Physics at RMIT. It is to be used for travel, to further the student’s expertise in their area of research.

The prize is to honour the contribution the Late Professor Ian Snook made to Physics Research and as a lecturer at RMIT, where he was employed from May 1973 until his death in April 2013. He had an outstanding research career in Computational Physics studying Condensed Matter

He had almost continuous funding from the fiercely contested Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants from 1976 until his death. 

Ian was an excellent teacher and mentor, supervising a large number of students.

His past students have held positions in USA, England, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Australia. 

He played an important part in the developement of RMIT from a College of Advanced education to a University. He further influenced Applied Physics by playing a part in the selection and/or careers of a great number of his colleagues, past and present, at RMIT. 

He worked tirelessly for his students and colleagues to ensure they had the best chance of success. Hopefully, through this prize, his influence will continue.

Ian had a great passion for science. He was always excited about his and others research, and celebrated each new grant and each paper accepted for publication.

The web site will provide information about the Prize winners and how they used the funds.

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Academic and Personal Details

This site aims to provide details of Ian's academic achievements. 

It is also our aim to provide an insight into Ian's passions and interests and will gradually grow. Any contributions will be gratefully received and posted.


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